Garage Door Opener Cost Guide for Replacement & New Door Opener Installation

Welcome to a guide for learning about the cost to purchase and install a garage door opener or to replace a garage door opener. So, how much does a new or replacement garage door opener cost? Depending on the type of opener (screw-drive, belt-drive, chain-drive etc) and the brand (Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Ryobi, Genie etc), you can expect to pay between $250 and $500 on average for a garage door opener. Premium openers often go as high as $800 – $1000. We discuss all the prices, including parts and labor (installation costs) below.

Garage door openers are an important investment in both the security and convenience for your home. For security, they lock when closed and can’t be manually opened from the outside. For convenience, many garage doors are heavy – and getting a lift from an opener saves all the effort. The price to purchase a garage door opener varies greatly based on two main features: type and brand.

In this guide you will learn about the different types of garage openers and also the top garage door opener brands.  Finally, throughout this guide, you will be educated on the costs of both the purchase and installation of the different garage door openers that are available.

Opener or Operator? A few brands and some installers refer to garage door openers as “operators,” an accurate term for what they do. The terms are interchangeable.

New or Replacement Garage Door Opener Cost and Prices
Basic Average Premium
$130 – $200 $250 – $500 $600 – $1000
Chain-Driven or Screw Drive Belt Drive or Direct Drive Jackshaft,

Swing Out,


Not much maintenance Very Reliable Extremely Reliable
Much louder Quieter than Chain Driven Not mounted overhead, allowing for more storage space
Readily available Limited availability Pricey, but worth it
Not WiFi connectible Some garage door openers in this price range have WiFi capabilities WiFi capabilities
Apps to control the garage door opener are not available. Apps to control the garage door opener are not available. Smartphone apps available via android or iPhone
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How Much Does a New Garage Door Opener Cost?

How much will a garage door opener cost you? Below, we provide an overview of prices for all major brands and types of garage door opener. Prices below are broken down into prices by type and by brand. Overall, garage door openers cost somewhere between $130 and $1,800+. At the lower price point you have chain, belt, direct and screw drive, costing somewhere between $130 – $600. At the higher price point you have jackshaft, swing, slide and smart/wi-fi garage door openers, costing somewhere between $500 – $1800+, with smart garage door openers being the most expensive on the market at the moment. Then you have to factor in the opener installation cost on top of the unit cost.

Cost and Pricing of Garage Door Openers

  • Chain Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Direct Drive
  • Screwdrive
  • Jackshaft
  • Swingout
  • Slideout
  • Smart / Wi-fi

Garage Door Opener Prices By Type

Chain Drive Opener Prices

A metal chain is used to drive the trolly to raise and lower the garage door.  Chain driven garage door openers are the most economical, but they tend to be much noisier than other types of openers.  If your garage is detached from the home, then this type of garage door opener is a great economical option. Average retail price of $130-$200 plus installation.

Belt Drive Opener Prices

These are very similar to chain drive garage door operators, except a rubber belt is used instead of a chain.  Belt drive garage door openers are much quieter than chain driven openers, but they are also more expensive. There is less upkeep with a belt driven garage door opener since it is a belt that does not require lubrication. Average retail price of $250-$500.

Direct Drive Opener Prices

A very reliable type of garage door opener with only one moving part, the motor, which is attached to the garage door.  The door then moves along a chain to lift or lower the door.  Direct drive garage door openers allow for more storage in your garage since there isn’t as much hardware as needed for a chain or belt drive garage door opener.  Average retail price of $300-$600.

Screw Drive Opener Prices

Very similar to a chain driven garage door open, except in place of the chain there is a large screw that turns to raise or lower the garage door.  It is a very reliable type of garage door opener. However, in places with extreme temperature differences, this type of door has been known to have issues and not always work properly. Average retail price of $200-$400.

Jackshaft Opener Prices

Jackshaft garage door operators are much different from the previous types of garage door openers we have discussed.  The major difference is that there is a motor, usually a 24v DC, that powers the pulleys and cables which turn a tension bar to lift the garage door.  In order to lower the garage door, reverse the motor and the tension cable is loosened. A major benefit of a jackshaft garage door opener is that it is not fully mounted on the ceiling, so it allows for extra garage storage or can be functionally useful in a garage with either high or low ceilings. The average retail price is $500-$1200.

Swing Out Garage Door Opener Prices

Swing out garage door openers allow your garage door to swing out towards your driveway. This type of opener allows for more overhead storage space in your garage, as well as a very luxurious look to your garage.  Another name for a garage door that swings out is a carriage style door.  Swing out garage door openers are best suited for mild climates, since snow could possibly block the door from opening.  The average retail price for a swing out garage door opener is  $1200-$1600.

Slide Out Garage Door Opener Prices

Slide out or sliding garage door openers are designed to have the garage door slide along a track mounted above the opening.  A motor moves the door to either open or close it. This type of garage door opener is often installed on pole buildings.  Sliding garage door openers are often designed with WiFi/smartphone capabilities.  The slide out garage door opener can be used on openings of 7 feet wide and up to 18 feet wide. Average retail price is $1200 – $3000, depending on the size of the opening.

Smart/WiFi Door Opener Costs

Many types of the best smart garage door openers use your home’s WiFi signal and can be operated by using your smartphone.  This allows you to ditch the old garage door opener and just use your phone.  You can also purchase an adapter to make your current unit a smart garage door opener.  The average retail price for a smart garage door opener is $200-$1900, depending on the brand, horsepower, capabilities, and type.

Get more details on garage door types on this page.

Summary Of Garage Door Opener Prices by Type

The following table shows an overview summary table for the price ranges for garage door openers:

Garage Door Opener Prices by Opener Type
Garage Door Opener Type Price Range
Chain Drive Average retail price of $130-$200
Belt Drive Average retail price of $250-$500
Direct Drive Average retail price of $300-$600
Screw Drive Average retail price of $200-$400
Jackshaft Average retail price of $500-$1200
Swing Out Average retail price of $1200-$1600
Slide Out Average retail price of $1200-$3000
Smart/WiFi Average retail price of $200-$1800

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Garage Door Opener Prices By Brand

LiftMaster / Chamberlain

LiftMaster are part of the Chamberlain group, the Chamberlain group is their parent company. LiftMaster supply a range of garage door openers in the US, including chain drive, belt drive and wall mount openers, many of which have wi-fi technology built in as standard. Warranties on products vary depending on the product purchased, so it’s worth checking before you buy. Their products range from $200 – $550, with an average price at $350.

Overhead Door / Genie

Like with LiftMaster and Chamberlain, Overhead is part of the Genie company, so they generally use Genie Garage door openers with the Overhead doors.

Genie and Overhead Door do a range of garage door openers including belt drive, chain drive, screw drive and wall mount. Their belt drive series includes their ultra quiet / silent products in the form of the SilentMax, QuietLift and Stealth models which offer some of the quietest door openers yet. They also offer a wall mount opener as a more compact solution for those with limited space. Their most commonly purchased belt drive series offers a wide range of openers in the ChainGlide, ChainDrive and ChainMax models. Their premium series offers the most durable, reliable and strongest openers, these are the MachForce models.

Overhead Door and Genie garage door opener products range between $125 – $500.

Craftsman Garage Door Openers

Craftsman garage door opener products range between $200 – $300.

Wayne-Dalton Garage Door Openers

Wayne-Dalton garage door opener products range between $250 – $350.

Raynor Garage Door Openers

Raynor garage door openers are considered average to slightly above in quality. Cost ranges from about $240 to $600.

Summary of Garage Door Opener Prices by Brand

Garage Door Opener Prices by Brand
Garage Door Opener Brand Price Range
LiftMaster Average retail price of $200-$600
Chamberlain Average retail price of $125 – $500
Overhead Door Overhead is part of the Genie company, so they generally use Genie Garage door openers with the Overhead doors.
Genie Average retail price of $150 – $250
Craftsman Average retail price of $200 – $300
Wayne-Dalton Average retail price of $250 – $350
Raynor Average retail price of $240 – $600
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Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

The cost to install a garage door operator depends on the many factors, such as brand, horsepower, type, etc.  On average, installing a new garage door opener will cost around $200-$500 for the unit and any installation supplies.  Another way to look at it – if you hire out the installation process to a licensed contractor or builder, plan on paying between $50-$80 per hour for their labor.  It will take anywhere from two to eight hours to install a new garage door opener.

Cost to Replace a Garage Door Opener

Replacing a garage door opener costs about the same as installing a new garage door opener.  The only difference in cost would be the removal and disposal of the old garage door opener, which will add $50 to $125.  A licensed contractor can usually disconnect and remove an existing garage door opener in one to two hours and then install a replacement garage door opener in two to three hours.

Prices and Costs Compared on the Web

If you look around and search the web you can find many different prices for the various types and models of garage door openers.  You can purchase garage door openers through, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  You can also search for more information about pricing, availability, and types by simply using search engines.

Here’s what we found in sampling garage door opener prices online. As you can see, most of these garage door opener cost pages don’t consider the more expensive types like Jackshaft and wall-mounted swing-out options.

  • Home Adivsor: Opener – $218 to $510; Installation – $200 to $300 . Total Cost: $218 (DIY) – $800.
  • Fixr: Garage door opener – $120 – $400; Installation average – $480. Total Cost: $230 – $1,500.
  • Home Guide: Opener cost – $120 to $288; Installation cost – $127 to $199. Total Cost: $247 – $487
  • Costimates: Opener – $100 to $300; Installation – $125 to $250. Total Cost: $115 (DIY) – $550.
  • How Much Is It: Garage door opener – $150 to $350; Installation $200 to $500+. Total Cost: $350 – $1,100.
  • Homewyse: Opener – $184 to $278; Installation – $79 to $193. Total Cost: $314 – $546.
  • Home Depot: Opener – $390; Installation – $375. Total Cost: Average of $765.

Costs and Pricing of installation, Permits and Inspection

Installation Costs for Labor

The basic costs for installing a garage door opener are simply the actual garage door opener and the labor to install it.  Big box stores, like Home Depot, charge a set rate of $127 for the installation process.  Contractors or garage door specialists generally charge between $50-$80 per hour, and the installation process usually takes two to three hours. In our experience, most installers charge $150 to $350 for installation.

An Overview and Breakdown of Installation Costs

Below is an overview or breakdown of the installation costs to install a new garage door opener:

  • Garage door opener ($150 – $500+) – when purchasing a garage door opener, the cost depends on the type and brand.  Garage door openers that have larger motors and more “bells and whistles” will be more expensive than simple chain or belt driven garage door openers.
  • Installation Costs ($100 – $200+) – The cost to install a garage door opener can vary depending on who you hire to do the job.  You can simply save $100 or more by installing the garage door opener by yourself.
  • Removal of existing garage door opener ($50 – $100) – If needed, you can hire the labor out to remove the existing garage door opener.  Once again, you can save money by doing this task yourself.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Many of the supplies you will need to install a garage door opener will already be in your possession.  Below is a list of the necessary tools or supplies you will need if you decide to install the garage door opener yourself:

  • Clamps – Average retail price of $3 – $10 for the size needed.
  • Drill/Driver (cordless) – Average retail price of $100 – $150, depending on the brand.
  • Hacksaw – Average retail price of $5 – $20.
  • Tape measure – Average retail price of $10 – $20.
  • Wrench or socket set – Average retail price of $50 – $100 for a set that would suit your needs.
  • 8 Foot Ladder – Average retail price of $150 – $250.

Permits and Inspection Costs

Possible cost of a permit is $50 to $150.

Permits are not required when installing or replacing a garage door opener, but they are required when installing a garage door.  Also, there is not usually an inspection involved when hooking up a garage door opener.  If a new electrical circuit and wiring are needed, then make sure you use a licensed electrician or have the local electrical inspector ensure that everything is up to code.  The cost for a permit that includes an inspection can run between $50-$150, depending on where you live.

Factors Affecting Garage Door Opener Cost and Installation Cost

There are many different factors that will affect the cost to either install or replace a garage door opener.

  • Type: As you can see from the garage door opener price information above, this is the largest cost factor.
  • Brand: Pricing is pretty competitive among the leading brands, but you’ll find differences of 10% to 25% among them.
  • Motor Size: There are slight differences between the cost of a 1/2 horsepower, 3/4 horsepower and 1 horsepower unit. Beefy 1.5hp motors run a little more.
  • New Electrical: Adding a circuit to the electric panel and running wire to the garage can cost $400 to $750. Those costs are not included in our pricing estimates.
  • Removal and disposal: As noted, expect an additional $50 to $100 in the estimate for removing and disposing of an old unit. If you’re handy and have the time, this is an easy place to save a few bucks by DIY.

Timescale for Installing a New Garage Door Opener

The amount of time it takes to do it yourself depends on your experience and the level of skill you have.  Generally speaking, it will take between 4 and 8 hours to complete the task.  If you have installed garage door openers in the past, it will take you considerably less time.

A professional can install a new garage door opener as a replacement in 2-4 hours, but it will take longer for a brand new installation.  This is due to the fact that electrical wires need to be run,

Timescale for Replacing a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers usually last between 10-15 years, depending on upkeep, type, brand, and usage. Removing and installing a replacement garage door opener takes a pro 3-6 hours.

DIY vs Professional Installation

Installing a garage door opener is a daunting, but rewarding task.  However, in our opinion this is a project that is best left for a professional.  The fact that there will need to be electrical wires run alone make it a project for a professional.  Also, everything requires perfect leveling and mounting in order to make the garage door opener work properly.  A homeowner can do this project, but it is not easy at all.  If you decide to tackle installing a garage door opener, make sure you take your time and follow all the detailed instructions.  You can also use to help you tackle this project.

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What size motors are available for garage door openers?

The most common motors are ½ and ¾ hp motors, but larger garage opener motors can be 1.5 horsepower.

Which is quieter, belt driven or chain driven?

Belt driven garage door openers are quieter. Among brands, it depends on the model and the upkeep.

Where should I buy my garage door opener?

Your options to purchase garage door openers are either big box stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, and smaller operations that specialize in garage doors and garage door openers. Online, look for them on eBay, Amazon and many other suppliers you can find via an internet search engine.

Who should install my garage door opener?

As stated above, it is recommended that a licensed contractor or garage door specialist should instill your garage door opener.  It will cost around $100 for just the installation process.

How long does the battery back-up last on a garage door opener?

In the unfortunate event that you lose power, many garage door openers have a battery back-up that can last up to 20 hours.

What is the easiest way to get garage door opener cost estimates? 

You can call around to a bunch of places and wait for them to get back to you. Or, you can use our partner service and get free estimates from several of the top installers in your area. They are prescreened, licensed and insured. Once you have the estimates, feel free to check out their reviews on Google, the Better Business Bureau and other rating sites before choosing the right installer for your project.

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