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The Hormann name has always been associated with high quality garage doors, both residential and commercial. In our Hormann Garage Door Buying Guide, we provide all of the details for each Hormann garage door collection including styles and features.

So how much does a Hormann garage door costIt varies, but their mid-range doors cost between $2,000 – $4,000, with their high-end doors reaching $7,500. More details are shown in the pricing and feature overview tables outlined below.

Hormann makes steel, aluminum, and wood garage doors with a wide range of options allowing you to customize your door to fit your style and needs. We’ve also included a Hormann garage door price list.

Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann Garage Door Prices & Feature Comparison

A short overview of Hormann garage door pricing is provided below for each material group, along with the price range and budget level. We have also put together a side by side comparison of pricing and features for all Hormann garage door collections. This can be seen further down the page.

Hormann Garage Door Prices
Material / Series Options Cost Range Budget Level
Wood $3,500+ Mid-Range
Aluminum $2,500 – $7,500 Mid to High-Range
Steel $2,200 – $4,650 Mid-Range
Disclaimer: Note that all prices are average prices obtained from our research around the web, we are completely independent from the Hormann garage door brand and all trademarks, images, logos and names remain their property. Prices are not provided by them and must be used in conjunction with your own quotes.
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Hormann makes a good range of doors to consider and compare with other top brands like Clopay, Amarr and Wayne Dalton. Our garage door price guides for those major brands and others allow you to research your purchase decision and get accurate pricing.

Hormann has changed the name of some series. When you see two series names like
Infinity Classic 7800 / Aries 8200, the first name is the current series name. The name after the / is the old name.

Hormann Garage Door Prices & Features Compared
Collection: Wood
Polaris 9200
Material Wood
Style Carriage House
Layers 3
Insulation Yes
R-Value 6.3
Door styles 16 plus custom
Window Styles 13
Glass Options Yes
Wood Choices 5 Stain Grade
Finger Guard No
Decorative Hardware Yes
8’w x 7’h door $3,500 +
Collection: Aluminum
Infinity Classic 7800 / Aries 8200 Classic Safe 7200 / Solaris 7200
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Style Carriage House or Modern Modern
Layers NA NA
Insulation Optional Optional
R-Value 5.6 with insulation NA
Door styles 14 plus Full View 1
Window Styles 13 1
Glass Options Yes Yes
Standard Colors 9 wood-tone, white clear anodized, 6 standard
Custom Colors No Yes
Finger Guard No Yes
Decorative Hardware Yes No
8’w x 7’h door $2,500 – $4,000* (* Full View door panel will cost more) $4,000 – $7,500
Collection: Steel                                                           
Therma Style 5500 – NEW
Material Steel
Style Traditional
Layers 3
Insulation Polystyrene
R-Value 9.0
Door styles 6 plus custom
Window Styles 10
Standard Colors 1 – But can be painted any color on site
Custom Colors None
Finger Guard No
Decorative Hardware 3 options
8’w x 7’h door $2,750 -$4,600
Collection: Steel                                                           
Clima Tech 4400 – NEW
Material Steel
Style Traditional, Ranch, Country and more
Layers 4
Insulation Polyurethane
R-Value 15.7
Door styles 5 plus custom
Window Styles 12+
Standard Colors 5
Custom Colors 28+
Finger Guard No
Decorative Hardware 3 options
8’w x 7’h door $2,900 -$4,650
Collection: Steel                                                           
Deco Safe 5250 / Tucana 5250 Style Safe 5200 / Phoenix 5200
Material Steel Steel
Style Traditional Carriage House
Layers 3 3
Insulation Polystyrene Polystyrene
R-Value 6.9 6.9
Door styles 4 plus custom 9
Window Styles 6 6
Standard Colors 2 White
Custom Colors 28 semi-custom, plus custom 28 semi-custom, plus custom
Finger Guard No Yes
Decorative Hardware No Yes
8’w x 7’h door $2,500 -$4,000 $2,200 – $3,500
Collection: Steel
Taurus 4250 – Not Currently Available
Material Steel
Profiles Traditional, Modern
Layers 3
Insulation Polyurethane
R-Value 16.1
Door styles 4
Window Styles 11, plus Full View, Accent Windows
Standard Colors 4
Custom Colors Yes
Finger Guard Yes
Decorative Hardware Yes
8’w x 7’h door $2,800 – $4,500
Collection Steel
Therma Tech 3200 / Orion 3200 Therma Tech 3400 / Orion 3400
Material Steel Steel
Profiles Traditional, Carriage, Modern Traditional, Carriage, Modern
Layers 3 3
Insulation Polystyrene Polystyrene
R-Value 8.9 7.4
Door styles 6 7
Window Styles 19, plus decorative 25, plus 6 decorative
Standard Colors 8 plus 4 wood-tone 9 plus 6 wood-tone
Custom Colors No No
Finger Guard Yes No
Texture Woodgrain Woodgrain, Stucco, Smooth
Decorative Hardware Yes Yes
8’w x 7’h door $2,200 – $3,800 $2,200 – $3,800
Collection Steel
Gemini 2100 Gemini 2500
Material Steel Steel
Profiles Traditional, Carriage, Modern Traditional, Carriage, Modern
Layers 1 or 2 1 or 2
Insulation Optional Polystyrene Optional Polystyrene
R-Value 0 or 7.4 0 or 7.4
Door styles 4 5
Window Styles 19, plus decorative 19, plus decorative
Standard Colors 8 plus 4 wood-tone 9 plus 4 wood-tone
Custom Colors No No
Finger Guard Yes No
Finish Woodgrain Woodgrain
Hardware Yes Yes
8’w x 7’h door $1,000 – $2,500 $1,000 – $2,500
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Hormann Garage Door Price & Cost Factors

Prices for a standard 7’ x 8’ size Hormann garage door range from about $1,000 to over $7,000.

The most significant price factors are the door’s material and style, whether it is insulated, If windows are included – their type and the glass used for them and the door’s finish. The full Hormann garage door price list is below along with all of the details on each door.

About Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann is a world leader in manufacturing doors of all kinds including high-quality residential garage doors. They are a family-owned business, currently operated by the grandson and great-grandson of the founder, August Hormann. Hormann began manufacturing steel garage doors in Germany in the 1930’s and sectional garage doors in the 1960’s.

Hormann opened their U.S. division in 2002 with headquarters in Montgomery, Illinois and manufacturing plants in Montgomery, Sparta, TN, Puyallup, WA, and Burgettstown, PA.

Hormann Garage Door Options and Features

Below is information on some of the special features and options available on Hormann garage doors.

Door Sizes

Hormann offers garage doors in sizes up to 24’ wide and 16’ high, in one inch increments, with a total maximum door size of 336 square feet.

Design Flexibility

Hormann offers many doors that can be customized to meet your architectural style and needs. Hormann indicates that buyers will be surprised at how flexible they can be, so be sure to talk with your Hormann dealer if you’re looking for something specific.

Galaxy Paint System

Customize your garage door with Hormann’s Galaxy Paint System which allows you to select any color within the visible spectrum. The chosen color will be factory finished and applied as a topcoat which is sprayed over the pre-painted steel. This additional layer of paint will not blister, peel, chalk, or fade.

The Galaxy Paint System has been tested  to withstand salt air climates, high humidity, abrasions, and is impact and chemical resistant.


Most of Hormann garage doors are available with FingerGuard™ pinch resistant joints preventing fingers from being caught or pinched in the joints as the door moves up and down.

fingerguard by Hormann

Optional Commercial-Grade Hardware Package

You can choose to have your garage door up-graded with commercial-grade hardware to increase durability. The package includes upgraded hardware and roller holders, 3” heavy-duty struts, and an extended cycle spring.


Below we review each of the Hormann garage door collections including Hormann garage door prices.

Wood Doors

Hormann Wood Garage Doors

Polaris 9200

The Polaris 9200 – E and C series are Hormann’s all wood door. The C series features a thick tongue and groove wood face applied to the exterior of the door. Both series are made with wood trim and overlay for a multi-dimensional authentic appearance of a carriage house door.

Both doors are insulated with polystyrene and sold in stain-grade, unfinished, Cedar, Redwood, Knotty Alder, Vertical Grain Fir, and Mahogany. Choose from 16 door panels or custom design your own. There are over a dozen window options and coordinating decorative hardware in a variety of finishes.

Construction: Wood

Insulation: Polystyrene

R-Values: 6.3

Colors: Unfinished, stain-grade

Price Range: $3,500 and Up

Aluminum Doors

Hormann Aluminum Garage Doors

Infinity Classic 7800 – Formerly Aries 8200

The Hormann Aries Collection is constructed of durable, weather-resistant, aluminum. The stiles and rails are commercial-grade, 2” thick, extruded aluminum with special joint fasteners to create a high-strength door frame. The exterior of the door is finished with a wood-tone powder cost to provide the authentic appearance of real wood. Available colors include Mahogany, Light and Dark Ash, Walnut, Fir, Cherry, or White.

Doors can be insulated with form-fitted polystyrene. Choose from 14 carriage house door panel designs, plus a contemporary full-view option, and 14 window styles, which are manufactured with a variety of glass options including 1/2” insulated glass.

Construction: Aluminum

Insulation: Polystyrene

R-Values: 5.6 with insulation

Colors: 8 wood-tone, plus white

Price Range: $2,500 – $4,000

Classic Safe 7200 – formerly Solaris 7200

Solaris provides a truly modern look with an aluminum frame and glass panel construction. Choose from glass panels or aluminum inserts placed on the door in various positions. There is also a polyurethane insulated steel section that can be place in the frame. The FingerGuard system is standard on the Classic Safe 7200.

Glass choices include clear, frosted, tinted, smoked, and etched. Solid panels can be finished in smooth anodized or painted in one of 6 standard colors or opt for a custom color with the Galaxy Paint System.

Construction: Aluminum

Insulation: Polyurethane optional

R-Values: N/A

Colors: 6 standard plus custom

Price Range: $4,000 – $7,500

Steel Doors

Hormann Steel Garage Doors

Therma Style 5500 (NEW)

This line features tongue & groove panel design for a tight fit that helps slow air filtration. With an pretty good R-9 insulation value delivered by the polystyrene foam core, this door is a good choice for climates in the cool range. If you air condition your garage in a warm climate, this door will help keep down energy use and cost too.

Six panel designs give you choices – and there are 10 window designs to consider when completing your Therma Style 5500 garage door. What’s not so great is your color choices – just white, unless you pay to have your installer paint it onsite in the color you select.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polystyrene

R-Values: 9.0

Colors: 1 – White

Price Range: $2,750 – $4,600 $2,750 -$4,600$2,750 -$4,600

Deco Safe 5250 – Formerly Tucana 5250

The Deco Safe 5250 is a 3-layer, insulated, steel garage door with a traditional or retro style, depending on the door selection. All doors are constructed with a durable steel front and back and are available in 4 recessed panel choices or you can design your own door and Hormann will manufacture it for you. There are also 6 window options.

Colors choices include white and Sandstone, 28 semi-custom colors, and unlimited custom colors with their Galaxy Paint System.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polystyrene

R-Values: 16.1

Colors: 2 standard, 28 semi-custom, plus custom

Price Range: $2,500 – $4,000

Style Safe 5200 – formerly Phoenix 5200

The Phoenix Collection offers the look of a carriage house style door in a 3-layer steel construction with polystyrene insulation. All Style Safe doors come in white allowing you to use the Galaxy Paint System to customize and coordinate your garage door with the colors of your home. Doors can also be finished in a two-tone color scheme to further replicate the look of a carriage house garage door.

Choose from 9 door panel designs, 8 window, and several decorative hardware options.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polystyrene

R-Values: 6.9

Colors: 28 semi-custom, plus custom

Price Range: $2,200 – $3,500

Clima Tech 4400 (NEW)

This will likely become a top seller for Hormann because it gives you a wide range of style, window and color choices. Panel options are Traditional, Country, Microgroove, Flush, Cottage and Ranch.

Construction is thicker-than-standard 25-gauge steel layers sandwiching a polyurethane foam core.

With an insulation value of R-15.7, it’s also a good choice for cold climates and for homeowners who heat or air condition their garage.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polyurethane

R-Values: 15.7

Colors: 5 standard plus custom colors

Price Range: $2,900 – $4,650 $

Taurus 4250 – Unavailable and May Be Discontinued

The Taurus 4250 is a 3-layer steel garage door with polyurethane insulation featuring in-between-section seals and heavy-duty steel hardware creating one of Hormann’s most thermally efficient doors. The polyurethane is injected into the door filling all cavities and bonding to the steel front and back panels.

The Taurus features 4 door panel designs with either a woodgrain or smooth texture. Depending on door panel choice, the Taurus will provide either a traditional or a modern look.

The door is available with a variety of window options including traditional windows or unique small, square, horizontal, or round aluminum framed accent windows down one side of the door.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polyurethane

R-Values: 16.1

Colors: 4 standard, plus custom

Price Range: $2,800 – $4,500

Therma Tech 3200 and 3400 – formerly Orion 3200 and 3400

The Therma Tech Collection is Hormann’s most popular choice for all around durability, energy efficiency, and value. The Therma Tech is a 3-layer, insulated, steel door with safety features including FingerGuard on the 3200 and section and side seals. The Therma Tech 3400 features tongue and groove section joints.

There are a variety of door designs to choose from including traditional panels, cottage style panels with a bead-board look, flush panels, and one with horizontal microgrooves. Depending on door choice, you can achieve a traditional, carriage house, or modern style.

The Therma Tech is produced in standard colors and woodgrain finishes, includes several decorative hardware options, and a choice of woodgrain, stucco, or a smooth texture.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polystyrene

R-Values: 8.9 – 3200 and 7.4 – 3400

Colors:  standard, plus woodgrain

Price Range: $2,200 – $3,800

Pro Safe 2100 and 2500 – Formerly Gemini 2100 and 2500

The Gemini is Hormann’s most affordable garage door providing excellent value for the price. The door features steel construction with optional polystyrene insulation with a vinyl back cover. The Gemini 2100 also comes with FingerGuard and factory installed between-section and side seals. The Gemini 2500 comes with tongue & groove section joints.

There are several door panel designs in a woodgrain texture and 19 window options. Choose from standard colors or wood-tone finishes, and several decorative hardware options.

Construction: Steel

Insulation: Polystyrene – optional

R-Values: 7.4 with insulation

Colors: 9 standard, plus 4 wood-tone

Price Range: $1,000 – $2,500

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Where to Purchase Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann garage doors are sold through Hormann residential garage door dealers across the United States. The Dealer Locator can be found on the Door Visualizer page on the Hormann website.

The Hormann Website

The Hormann website has all of the details on each of their residential garage doors including construction, design options, and warranty information. There is also a door visualizer feature that allows you to select options including door panels, windows, and colors to create and visualize your perfect door.

How Do Hormann Compare With Other Major Brands?

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