Garage Door Insurance and Warranty Costs & Options

Garage door insurance is part of your homeowner’s insurance policy, though the types of damage it covers are limited.

garage door warranty and insurance

And every garage door is under the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of time ranging from 1 year to lifetime. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. Other potential problems are covered for a shorter period of time, often just 1 to 6 years.

Extended warranties for garage doors are available for a reasonable cost. They provide garage door warranty coverage once the initial warranty expires. They are called extended warranties.

Additionally, many home warranties include coverage for the garage door in addition to standardly covered items like appliances and HVAC equipment.

Here’s a look at garage door insurance and warranty costs and options to consider.

Garage Door Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance covers your garage door for incidences related to damage caused by a house fire, weather, accidental damage from a vehicle, a falling tree limb or similar issues. If the garage door is damaged by vandalism or a break-in, then your insurance policy will cover the cost to repair it.

The policy will not cover damage to the door caused by wear and tear.

Is your garage detached? If the garage is not attached to the home, then your policy must explicitly state that the garage is covered. You might need a separate policy or rider to ensure a detached garage or pole building. If you have coverage on a detached building such as a garage or pole building with a garage door, then the garage door will be covered.

Should I file a garage door claim? You should file a claim on a damaged garage door if the cost of repair or replacement significantly surpasses your deductible. For example, if your steel garage door will cost $500 to repair and $1,500 to replace, but your homeowner’s policy deductible is $1,000, making a claim is not cost-effective. Even at the replacement cost, which is higher than the deductible, making a claim will likely raise your insurance rates for years to come.

However, if the door repair or replacement is $2,500 or more in the scenario above, then filing a claim makes financial sense.

Garage Door Warranties

Garage doors come with several warranties. The most important and comprehensive coverage is the Manufacturer’s Warranty. One or more additional warranties cover items not included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is covered in a garage door warranty?

All garage door parts are included in the warranty coverage including section panels, rails, springs, hardware and, if applicable, insulation and windows.

Each garage door manufacturer words their warranties differently. They cover different door parts in separate warranties.

Here is an explanation of each warranty, its cost and what is covered in the warranty.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: This is the standard warranty included in every product. The manufacturer’s warranty is free. The length of this warranty ranges from 5 years to Lifetime based on the quality of the door and the materials used. Steel door manufacturer’s warranties are typically longer than wood door warranties.

This main garage door warranty covers defects in construction, rails and the finish. Here are a few samples of the language and coverage you’ll find in a garage door manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Amarr: The paint finish of Amarr steel sections are [sic] guaranteed against section rust through due to paint finish cracking, splitting or peeling for the applicable warranty period.
  • Wayne Dalton: Limited Lifetime Warranty against: Peeling, cracking, or chalking of the original factory-applied coating on the steel sections of the Product. The Product becoming inoperable due to rust-through of the steel skin from the core…or other deterioration of the steel skin, or due to structural failure caused by separation or degradation of the foam insulation.

Springs: Garage door springs warranties are also free and range from 1 year on entry level doors to Lifetime on premium doors. Lengths of 5-10 years are most common.

Hardware and Track: Also free, the hardware includes the manual door handle and latch. Many warranties mention the track separately while it is included in the broader “hardware” designation in others.

Windows: If your garage door comes with a window, the warranty is 1 to 10 years. The window warranty covers the trim, frame and glass or polycarbonate windowpane. This free warranty covers defects, peeling and separation of the components.

Finish: The coating on steel and aluminum garage doors is warranted from 5 years to Lifetime. Finishes on wood garage doors ranges from 1 to 10 years for most.

How long are manufacturer’s warranties?

They range from 1 year to Lifetime. The manufacturer’s warranties for steel and aluminum doors range in length from 5 years to Lifetime. The manufacturer’s warranties on wood doors are shorter, usually 1 year to 5 years. The warranties on premium wood doors from Wayne Dalton, Hormann and Overhead Door are just 1 year.

What are exclusions to manufacturer’s warranties?

The most significant exclusion is labor. If your garage door requires warranty repairs, you will pay the labor cost. This is an industry-wide standard, though some doors come with a labor coverage warranty of up to 3 years.

Damage caused by faulty installation, a failure to maintain the door or painting or staining a wet door.

Each warranty has a range of exclusions and lists practices that will void the garage door warranty. As a result, it is very important to read your door’s warranty carefully and abide by its restrictions.

Are garage door warranties transferable?

No, most garage door warranties are offered to the original owner only. Wayne Dalton’s garage door warranty states, “Limited Lifetime shall mean as long as the original purchaser owns the house in which the Product is originally installed.” And Hormann puts it this way, “this warranty is specifically limited to the original purchaser.” Overhead Door states emphatically that, “This warranty is made to the original purchaser of the Product only, and is not transferable or assignable.”

Are garage door extended warranties available?

No. Garage door manufacturers do not offer extended warranties. This is because there is too much risk to them in coverage beyond the standard warranty. Garage doors need consistent maintenance and repair to remain in good condition, operating as designed.

Home Warranties for Garage Doors

A home warranty is a type of umbrella warranty that covers a range of items within your home. Most home warranty companies offer various packages to consider, meaning a package might cover all appliances, the plumbing system, the septic system, the roof or the heating and air conditioning system.

However, home warranty companies do not cover garage doors. They will, however, cover your garage door opener.

Should I get a home warranty for my garage door opener?

Consider a home warranty package that covers your garage door opener under these circumstances:

  • The opener is old.
  • You have other appliances that are old. If the opener is the only old appliance in your home, then it doesn’t make sense to get coverage for the door.
  • You don’t have the cash on hand to pay for garage door opener replacement.

The cost of a home warranty is quite high – from $45 to $60 per month for an appliance package to more than $150 per month for a package of appliances and home systems. Top companies are American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty.

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